Why We’re Continuing to Invest in Beekeeper

Energize Ventures leads $10M Series B extension for frontline communication and operations platform

Energize Ventures
July 13, 2020

Energize is excited to continue fueling the growth of Beekeeper, the first communication and operations platform specifically designed for frontline workers, by leading the company’s $10M Series B extension. We’re proud to be joined in this funding by HighSage Ventures, SwissCanto, Thayer, Swisscom and other existing investors.

Across all sectors of the economy, we’re seeing increased reliance on digital workplace communication and collaboration tools as employees work remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline workers in essential industries such as energy, manufacturing and hospitality are particularly impacted by this shift. With heightened emphasis on health and safety and managing a highly distributed workforce, employers are being pushed to innovate in their approach to reaching teams, especially those on the frontline who might not have access to more standard corporate communication methods. The work of these employees has never been more important — and having the right digital tools to ensure they are safe, productive and connected is crucial.

Since our initial investment in Beekeeper in 2019, we have always believed that its platform is setting the standard for how the modern frontline workforce operates and communicates. We are especially excited about the value of Beekeeper’s platform for energy and asset-heavy industries facing an aging workforce that has historically relied on analog processes for documenting and sharing information. These industries — most of which have a large percentage of deskless employees — are now digitizing at an accelerated pace. Beekeeper offers frontline teams a solution for efficient communication and collaboration through a scalable platform that bridges the gap between field and central operations.

Despite a challenging macroeconomic environment, Beekeeper’s growth continues to accelerate. Customers are now embracing the product with a new urgency, and the Beekeeper team is stepping up to seize the momentum and further build the platform of choice for frontline teams.

With this additional funding, Beekeeper plans to expand its cloud marketplace for apps, solutions and integrations. The company has also announced Beekeeper 2.0, a new evolution of its product focusing on digitally enabling frontline workers.

We’re thrilled to continue partnering with CEO Cristian Grossmann and his management team to carry out Beekeeper’s mission of connecting and empowering the frontline workforce.