Positive impact during unprecedented times

Thank you to our portfolio companies helping customers and communities during this time of need

Energize Ventures
April 6, 2020

We are living through unprecedented times. It’s a phrase that we’ve gotten used to hearing, but it seems to resonate more each day as the COVID-19 outbreak progresses across the globe. While no one person, business or industry is untouched by this pandemic, we owe our utmost gratitude to the companies and individuals going above and beyond the call of duty during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to healthcare professionals, first responders, essential business providers and others who are so bravely fighting for our health and safety on the frontlines.

We’re inspired by those allocating their resources to help make a difference, and we want to recognize the companies within our Energize family doing their part to contribute to relief efforts.

· Workplace communication platform Beekeeper is offering a Crisis-Ready Kit to help companies communicate effectively amid the COVID-19 crisis. With expedited support, the service can be rolled out in 48 hours and customers will receive the first month for free. For workers in the healthcare, hospitality and related industries, Beekeeper is offer a free 90-day extended trial period of its service.

· SparkCognition, a leading provider of AI solutions, is utilizing its 3D printing capacity to produce N95 mask covers that can prolong the mask’s lifespan. The company is also donating unused compute resources to Folding@Home, a computer-based disease research organization, to support its search for a cure.

· Optimus Ride, an autonomous mobility software company that integrates its technology into shuttle fleets, repurposed a fleet serving a California retirement community to deliver food to seniors who can no longer leave their homes.

· Industrial cybersecurity provider Nozomi Networks is extending 24/7 premium support free of charge to help ensure security and reliability of its customers’ operations.

· Awake Security is offering 60 days of free access to its network traffic analysis platform to hospitals and healthcare organizations to help identify ransomware and other cyber threats from slowing the COVID-19 response.

· Aurora Solar published a Remote Solar Sales Resource Center to help the industry move forward and transition to remote processes.

We will continue to refresh this list with timely updates.