Energize announces partnership with CDPQ to invest in companies leading the energy transition

We focus on making investments that accelerate digital transformation in energy and sustainability.

Energize Ventures
April 1, 2021

The energy transition is happening faster than even the Energize team expected. Decision-makers with market influence — from federal and state governments to large corporations — are rolling out ambitious renewable energy goals and commitments at a pressing pace. This decade will now bring monumental changes in our energy infrastructure. And with that change comes great opportunity.

At Energize, we focus on making investments that accelerate digital transformation in energy and sustainable industry. Due to the rapidly changing landscape, we are now witnessing how software is enabling and accelerating the energy transition. For example, software can help businesses in energy and sustainable industry scale through decentralizing and optimizing assets, automating operational processes, achieving widespread electrification, and more. As customer adoption of clean energy solutions accelerates and expands, the total addressable market size for digital tools also grows. With these larger market opportunities comes the need to deploy more capital to support emerging digital leaders within the energy transition.

Today we are excited to announce a special $125 million co-investment agreement with global investment group CDPQ to invest in ventures that aim to accelerate the digital transformation of energy and sustainable industry sectors. The co-investment agreement expands CDPQ’s existing relationship with Energize Ventures: CDPQ is a Limited Partner in Energize Ventures I, and an anchor Limited Partner in Energize Ventures II.

Through this arrangement, CDPQ and Energize will share industry knowledge with respect to climate and sustainable investments, emphasizing digital innovations that advance the energy transition. Examples of aligned investment focus areas include technologies aimed at addressing climate change, electrifying mobility, accelerating the deployment and adoption of renewable energy, and more.

Given our history with CDPQ, we know the strength of their institutional investment platform and global infrastructure portfolio. We also feel strongly that our objectives are aligned whereby we can deliver premier financial returns while also accelerating the sustainable energy and industrial transition. CDPQ has a world-class infrastructure portfolio and is forward-leaning on adopting digital technologies. In addition to this digital adoption, CDPQ has committed to reducing its portfolio’s carbon footprint by 25 percent per dollar invested by 2025. By doing so, CDPQ became the first institutional investor in North America to set a greenhouse gas intensity reduction target covering all its asset classes.

Achieving great financial and sustainability returns requires industry expertise, collaboration and capital. By establishing this co-investment vehicle with CDPQ, we are able to mobilize all three — and we are very excited to continue to accelerate the energy transition in tandem.