Electrifying Everything: The Top 30 Software Innovators

Energize’s take on the leading companies powering climate innovation

Energize Ventures
June 22, 2022

In the past five years, Energize has spoken with more than 400 promising startups addressing solar, wind, clean firm power, battery storage, transmission, EV charging, building electrification and demand flexibility. As a culmination of our Electrifying Everything blog series, we’ve decided to share our “Deep Dive” research publicly. One component of that report is a list of what we believe are the “Top 30 software innovators” applying digital solutions to Electrify Everything.

Per our evaluation criteria, each company in the list should have the following characteristics:

  • Private company that has not announced intent to IPO or SPAC
  • Software or asset-lite business model. This does not include pureplay manufacturers, novel chemical or material processors, project developers, installers, etc. but does include firms that have developed a novel software or digital architecture to scale a non-SaaS business model
  • Should not be recently acquired or a subsidiary of a larger company
  • Should have a clear GHG reduction impact via Electrifying Everything
  • In our belief, these firms should be most likely to achieve highest enterprise value over the course of time by internal Energize Ventures analysis

We’re pleased to share our Top 30 companies across each of our Electrifying Everything categories:


Battery Storage



EV Charging

Clean Firm Power

None currently

Building Electrification & Efficiency

Demand Flexibility


Not included in our list of the top 30 most promising software-enabled companies electrifying everything but think you should be? Let’s talk.

*Denotes Energize portfolio company

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