Agile Industry: Accelerating Velocity & Operational Efficiency In the Energy & Industrials Verticals

Energize Ventures
November 7, 2018

As the energy and industrials verticals become increasingly complex, the need for asset operators and marketplace providers to leverage technology solutions to streamline business operations and enable more “agile industry” only grows. This complexity is driven by the growing number of interwoven parts of a modern industrial & energy business:

  • distributed assets, distributed employees, and distributed customer bases
  • global supply chains
  • specific customer requirements
  • regulatory pressures

Simultaneous with these converging trends is the explosive growth and availability of data throughout the entire distributed network, finally yielding the raw inputs required for data-driven optimization. Companies that provide the software and services that leverage this data to improve decision making, communications and process within energy & industrial organizations will become vital and enormously valuable.

Whether offering a B2B or B2C product or service, the most valuable technology companies servicing these traditionally slow-moving industries are removing friction and cost for customers within the ecosystem. Under traditional economic efficiency theory, each market participant should only focus optimizing their core asset. The problem for traditional energy and industrial companies, however, is that data and its’ resulting solutions is now inseparable from the core asset of production. In fact, energy and industrial companies need to view their assets as equal parts production and data. It is within this synthesis of production and data intelligence where the industrial and energy industries will be transformed. And when trillion dollar industries transform, many multi-billion-dollar software and technology companies are created.

Energize Ventures believes that data products, software solutions and other complementary technologies and services that succeed will be found throughout the corporate and customer journey. We call this position our focus on Agile Industry and believe that with each new technology-driven solution, the industry participants will become more agile and effective at meeting the needs of their demanding customers and assets. These improvements will yield more lean and intelligent operators at the heart of these industries, thereby driving success for every participant.

Within this “Agile Industry” thesis we are particularly interested in technology businesses in the following verticals:

  • Operations procedures: purchasing, inventory, business process management
  • Customer engagement platforms: digitally-enhanced, feedback & retention
  • Financial operations: Risk and returns
  • Other!

We believe that the most successful businesses will start focusing on a highly specific use case within the energy vertical and will methodically expand to broader industrial markets. If you are an entrepreneur executing on a mission and these thoughts resonate with you, please reach out.